{"time":1649833590043,"blocks":[{"id":"-c9HUp7VKf","type":"paragraph","data":{"text":" Phone and Tablet Holder Folding - Lifting - Rotating 270 Firm, Convenient * Advantages: - Foldable pocket - The main function of this accessory is as a holder for the phone your phone. The metal holder is made entirely of alloy material, giving the product a luxurious and sturdy look, ensuring it can hold the phone firmly on it. - Triangular base design with one edge hooked up, forming a stand for you to place the phone on. The part in contact with the phone is also lined with a soft rubber to increase grip and protect your phone from scratches. A smart and useful design point of the product. * Product information: - Product size: 5.5cm x 9cm x 12cm - Product weight: 150g. - Can be used for 7-9 inch phone or tablet. - Color:"}}],"version":"2.22.2"}