{"time": 1639302997943, "blocks": [{"id": "XSiJWDNcTq", "type": "paragraph", "data": {"text": "Pink EditionContains Gossip Gurl', 'Trophy Wife', 'Icon' And 'Socialite' (4 X1.9ml)Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstic Pink Edition-4pcs\u2022 Long lasting\u2022 Smooth application\u2022 Perfect finish\u2022 Long lasting lip glosss\u2022 Waterproof\u2022 Good Quality ProductHuda Beauty's four variations of Liquid Matte Minis unite super-cute,complementary shades of best-loved, stay-put liquid formula, to wear alone or mix and match to achieve an array of ombr\u00e9 and contoured effects.There are 5edition available, each set contains 4colours in each 1.9ml tube.There are 5shades availablePlease select your option from drop down menu. We also have single pcs of huda beauty matte lip sticks which can be purchased here as well. It will be arandom colour lipstickThis is agreat opportunity to have 4amazing huda beauty colours in one pack. Great size for travel or if you want to keep in your bag on the go-Note -\u09a1\u09c7\u09b2\u09bf\u09ad\u09be\u09b0\u09bf \u09ae\u09cd\u09af\u09be\u09a8\u0995\u09c7 \u0986\u0997\u09c7 \u099f\u09be\u0995\u09be \u09ac\u09c1\u099d\u09bf\u09af\u09bc\u09c7 \u09a6\u09bf\u09af\u09bc\u09c7 \u09aa\u09cd\u09b0\u09cb\u09a1\u09be\u0995\u09cd\u099f\u099f\u09bf \u09ac\u09c1\u099d\u09c7 \u09a8\u09bf\u09ac\u09c7\u09a8\u0964 \u09a1\u09c7\u09b2\u09bf\u09ad\u09be\u09b0\u09bf \u09ae\u09cd\u09af\u09be\u09a8 \u09a5\u09be\u0995\u09be\u0995\u09be\u09b2\u09c0\u09a8 \u09aa\u09cd\u09b0\u09cb\u09a1\u09be\u0995\u09cd\u099f \u099a\u09c7\u0995 \u0995\u09b0\u09c1\u09a8\u0964 \u09a1\u09c7\u09b2\u09bf\u09ad\u09be\u09b0\u09bf \u09ae\u09cd\u09af\u09be\u09a8 \u099a\u09b2\u09c7 \u0986\u09b8\u09be\u09b0 \u09aa\u09b0 \u0995\u09cb\u09a8\u09cb \u0985\u09ad\u09bf\u09af\u09cb\u0997 \u0997\u09cd\u09b0\u09b9\u09a3 \u0995\u09b0\u09be \u09b9\u09ac\u09c7 \u09a8\u09be\u0964Check the product in front of delivery man. No complain will be accepted after the delivery man leave."}}], "version": "2.22.2"}