{"time":1649588063585,"blocks":[{"id":"dzglyk6GXt","type":"paragraph","data":{"text":" Our wonderful Mixed of butchers choice, hand cut and bite sized parts of beef offers you the finest, fresh, flavoursome meat of superior quality that’s melt in your mouth চমৎকার. Savour clean-cut pieces from the রান, করলি, চাপ, সিনা that make for moist and succulent morsels of meat. Guaranteed to delight your পরিবার and easy to prepare, our Simi Kitchens Mix is wonderful for traditional, home cooked spicy and aromatic রেজালা or ভুনা, juicy pan-fried or grilled কাবাব and barbeques. Add in a sprinkle of our choice মশলা at the end to give that extra oomph of স্বাদ এবং গন্ধ to your dish. Savor the nostalgia of your grand mother’s and mother’s cooking. "}}],"version":"2.22.2"}