{"time":1649588240630,"blocks":[{"id":"2dbV5XTlFa","type":"paragraph","data":{"text":"Our Wonderful Mixing Boneless Beef Meet Hand Cutting & Bite fresh, flavoursome meat of superior quality that’s melt in your mouth চমৎকার."}},{"id":"2XddcgGs_U","type":"paragraph","data":{"text":" Savour clean-cut pieces from the রান, করলি, that make for moist and succulent morsels of meat. Guaranteed to delight your পরিবার and easy to prepare, our Simi Kitchens "}},{"id":"_3mYsemT_u","type":"paragraph","data":{"text":"Premium Mixed is wonderful for traditional, home cooked spicy and aromatic ভুনা, juicy pan-fried or grilled কাবাব and barbeques. Add in a sprinkle of our choice মশলা at the end to give that extra oomph of স্বাদ এবং গন্ধ to your dish. Savor the nostalgia of your grand mother’s and mother’s cooking. "}}],"version":"2.22.2"}