{"time": 1639302997943, "blocks": [{"id": "XSiJWDNcTq", "type": "paragraph", "data": {"text": "\u2022 MaterialPlush\u2022 Age Range1-5 Years Old Baby..\u2022 Shoulder Strap LengthApprox. 50-70cm\u2022 Shoulder Strap WidthApprox. 8cm\u2022 Bag SizeApprox. 32 X 26 X 9 Bag Weight\u2022 Package Included1 X Lovely Kids Bag Backpack\u2022 \u2022MATERIAL Premium Plush On All OverBackpack, Chest Straps And Attached Stuffed Animal. Very Soft And Comfortable For Children To Touch.\u2022 \u2022PERFECT SIZE AND SPACEThis Plush Backpack Is 32 X 26 X 9 CM. More Room For Snacks, Toys Or Books. These Plush Animals Are Intended For Toddlers And Older\u2022 \u2022SAFELY MADE FOR CHILDRENNo Small Items Contents At All, All Pictures On Purses Were Embroidered, Keep Kids Safe During Rough PlaySize32269Exchange Policy\u0986\u09ae\u09be\u09a6\u09c7\u09b0 \u098f\u0995\u09cd\u09b8\u099a\u09c7\u099e\u09cd\u099c \u09b8\u09c1\u09ac\u09bf\u09a7\u09be\u0993 \u0986\u099b\u09c7 \u09a4\u09ac\u09c7 \u09a4\u09be \u09e8\u09ea \u0998\u09a8\u09cd\u099f\u09be\u09b0 \u09ae\u09a7\u09cd\u09af\u09c7 \u0995\u09cd\u09b2\u09c7\u0987\u09ae \u0995\u09b0\u09a4\u09c7 \u09b9\u09ac\u09c7\u0964 \u098f\u0995\u09cd\u09b8\u099a\u09c7\u099e\u09cd\u099c\u09c7\u09b0 \u09b8\u09ae\u09af\u09bc \u09a1\u09c7\u09b2\u09bf\u09ad\u09be\u09b0\u09bf \u09ae\u09cd\u09af\u09be\u09a8\u09c7\u09b0 \u0995\u09be\u099b\u09c7 \u09a8\u09bf\u099a\u09c7\u09b0 \u099c\u09bf\u09a8\u09bf\u09b8 \u0997\u09c1\u09b2\u09cb \u0985\u09ac\u09b6\u09cd\u09af\u0987 \u09b8\u09a0\u09bf\u0995 \u09ad\u09be\u09ac\u09c7 \u09ac\u09c1\u099d\u09bf\u09af\u09bc\u09c7 \u09a6\u09bf\u09a4\u09c7 \u09b9\u09ac\u09c7-\"\u2022 Super cute animal backpack school bag for boys & girls. Lovely little cartoon design.\u2022 Fashionable, light-weight, soft and colorful\u2022 hot popular and attract your babies' attention.\u2022 Can put some small children's things in it, like toys, foods, fruits, small books, pens, etc.\u2022 With adjustable straps to fit your children\u2022 A perfect gift for your children.\u2022 Suitable for any occasions, like a trip to the zoo, playing at the park or any other outdoor activities.\u2022 \u2022This plush backpack super soft, adorable, and unabashedly cute, child-friendly, and high-density plush material for maximum softness you can sense at first touch\u2022 \u2022ADORABLE HUGGABLE Stuffed Animal and Backpack. Since all made from soft plush material, your children can safely hug the whole thing together. So SOFT.\"Lowest & Cheapest wholesale prices--\u09e7\u0964 \u09aa\u09cd\u09b0\u09cb\u09a1\u09be\u0995\u09cd\u099f\u09e8\u0964 \u09aa\u09cd\u09b0\u09cb\u09a1\u09be\u0995\u09cd\u099f\u09c7\u09b0 \u09b8\u09be\u09a5\u09c7 \u09aa\u09cd\u09b0\u09a6\u09be\u09a8\u0995\u09c3\u09a4 \u09ac\u0995\u09cd\u09b8/\u09aa\u09cd\u09af\u09be\u0995\u09c7\u099c\u09bf\u0982 \u09b8\u09be\u09ae\u0997\u09cd\u09b0\u09c0\u09e9\u0964 \u09ac\u09bf\u09b2/\u0987\u09a8\u09ad\u09af\u09bc\u09c7\u09b8---DisclaimerProduct color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings."}}], "version": "2.22.2"}