{"time":1649588604297,"blocks":[{"id":"umfTYbtKPk","type":"paragraph","data":{"text":"Overall Size of wall mount set-top box stand – L x B x H = 25.5 x 19 x 11.5 cm"}},{"id":"wBc9sYMcWg","type":"paragraph","data":{"text":"Wall shelves aka set-top box holder wall mount wooden"}},{"id":"G8znlvGV-u","type":"paragraph","data":{"text":"Made with high durable quality Wood that gives you assurance of stability of the item."}},{"id":"PfTgZbEZ0S","type":"paragraph","data":{"text":"Keep your set-top box firmly on this super stylish set-top box stand."}},{"id":"RT7VCdMvsc","type":"paragraph","data":{"text":"Premium Quality Oakwood board with High Finish Wall shelves for living roo"}}],"version":"2.22.2"}