{"time": 1639302997943, "blocks": [{"id": "XSiJWDNcTq", "type": "paragraph", "data": {"text": "NIGHT VISION CAMERA HD WiFi Clock Radio Night Vision Hidden Camera - Motion Activated Spy Gadget - Remote Viewing - SD Card Storage - Best Recorder for Home, Kids, Nanny, Office TOTALLY HIDDEN CAMERA The WiFi spy camera recorder is well-hidden in a HD WiFi Clock Radio Night Vision Hidden Camera for indoor surveillance. It produces no beeps, lights or noise that indicates recording. WATCH LIVE AND VIEW FROM ANYWHERE The digital spy camera connects to your WiFi network, allowing you to access it via the internet through any smartphone, tablet or PC. You can control, view and download video in multiple resolutions up to 720p. HIGH CAPACITY STORAGE CAPABLE UP TO up to 64GB The digital wireless spy camera comes with an in-built DVR that saves time and date stamped footage to a covertly placed micro SD card. You can even connect the camera to your PC using the local area network and store footage on your hard disk. MOTION DETECTOR SPY GADGET The motion activated technology ensures that the surveillance camera doesn\u2019t record any idle moments, with alerts sent via email or image upload to FTP once motion is detected\u09a1\u09c7\u09b2\u09bf\u09ad\u09be\u09b0\u09bf \u09ae\u09cd\u09af\u09be\u09a8\u0995\u09c7 \u0986\u0997\u09c7 \u099f\u09be\u0995\u09be \u09ac\u09c1\u099d\u09bf\u09af\u09bc\u09c7 \u09a6\u09bf\u09af\u09bc\u09c7 \u09aa\u09cd\u09b0\u09cb\u09a1\u09be\u0995\u09cd\u099f\u099f\u09bf \u09ac\u09c1\u099d\u09c7 \u09a8\u09bf\u09ac\u09c7\u09a8\u0964\u09a1\u09c7\u09b2\u09bf\u09ad\u09be\u09b0\u09bf \u09ae\u09cd\u09af\u09be\u09a8 \u09a5\u09be\u0995\u09be\u0995\u09be\u09b2\u09c0\u09a8 \u09aa\u09cd\u09b0\u09cb\u09a1\u09be\u0995\u09cd\u099f \u099a\u09c7\u0995 \u0995\u09b0\u09c1\u09a8\u0964 \u09a1\u09c7\u09b2\u09bf\u09ad\u09be\u09b0\u09bf \u09ae\u09cd\u09af\u09be\u09a8 \u099a\u09b2\u09c7 \u0986\u09b8\u09be\u09b0 \u09aa\u09b0 \u0995\u09cb\u09a8\u09cb \u0985\u09ad\u09bf\u09af\u09cb\u0997 \u0997\u09cd\u09b0\u09b9\u09a3 \u0995\u09b0\u09be \u09b9\u09ac\u09c7 \u09a8\u09be, \u0995\u09cb\u09a8\u09cb \u09aa\u09cd\u09b0\u09cb\u09a1\u09be\u0995\u09cd\u099f \u099a\u09c7\u099e\u09cd\u099c \u0985\u09a5\u09ac\u09be \u09b0\u09bf\u099f\u09be\u09b0\u09cd\u09a8 \u09b9\u09ac\u09c7 \u09a8\u09be\u0964 \u0995\u09cb\u09a8\u09cb \u09b8\u09ae\u09b8\u09cd\u09af\u09be \u09a5\u09be\u0995\u09b2\u09c7 \u09a1\u09c7\u09b2\u09bf\u09ad\u09be\u09b0\u09bf \u09ae\u09cd\u09af\u09be\u09a8 \u09a5\u09be\u0995\u09be\u0995\u09be\u09b2\u09c0\u09a8 \u0986\u09ae\u09be\u09a6\u09c7\u09b0 \u0995\u09b2 \u09a6\u09bf\u09ac\u09c7\u09a8\u0964"}}], "version": "2.22.2"}